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Look at the horizon and watch the sun rising from below the ocean.

As sunrays gently caress your skin, remember - its light may not shine to all…

Picture a man at the edge of a pier. He's watching himself slowly sinking into a quiet lake,

dragged down by a burden shadow - two paths to follow, but only one can save him.

Besides, he'll have to listen to his heart…

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Looking For The Lost Light

AL MAARI is a bold indie cocktail of oriental rhythms and electro-pop tunes. A way for this son of a Syrian immigrant to go back to his roots in search of a brand new warm, modern sound.

It’s something like Alt-J meets Bombino combined with Elliott Smith’s sensitive touch — Al Maari invites us to follow him down a path lovingly drawn into the hot desert sand… Imagine David Bowie and Jimmy Page carrying Hot Chip’s synths under their arms, off on a desert jaunt to go have tea with Touaregs, and you’ll get the idea.

The warmth of Al Maari’s music will enchant and transport you; on stage, it’s a call for a spiritual and physical quest, led by melodies both complex and smooth, with poetic lyrics echoing in your soul like deep breaths of fresh air.


Past dates

Nov10 Hybride-Toi #2 : Vibrations Orientales en Plein PanameFriday 19:00 Le Génie d'AlexParis, Ile-de-France

Oct14 Kasbah • Al Maari • Babes in Wood • Les Soucoupes ViolentesSaturday 14:00 Espace RobespierreIvry-sur-Seine, Ile-de-France

Jun2 FGO Lab : Al Maari ● Dissonant Nation ● Yalta ClubFriday 20:00 FGO-BarbaraParis, Ile-de-France

Jun1 FIMU 31ème édition // Du 1er au 5 Juin 20171 June - 5 June BelfortBelfort, Franche-Comté

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Booking – Melchior De Carvalho
+33 6 85 64 94 73



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