Al Maari music

Look at the horizon and watch the sun rising from below the ocean. As sunrays gently caress your skin, remember - its light may not shine to all…

Picture a man at the edge of a pier. He's watching himself slowly sinking into a quiet lake, - dragged down by a burden shadow - two paths to follow, but only one can save him.

Besides, he'll have to listen to his heart…

There's a light in his heart that remains in each and every one of us. It forms a torrent that never, ever stops to run and binds all the living things together.

It is a long journey to reach the light, but first he'll have to put the vestige of the material world behind.

Then he'll meet her by the water, where the earth and the sky share the same line, - because it takes more than one heart to make it shine.

Al Maari's music is all about spreading and sharing that powerful light we call Love.

Join him on this journey

Contact : Melchior De Carvalho
+33 6 85 64 94 73

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